Remote lever for hydraulic manual directional control valves

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Description: This remote control lever is used as an accessory for hydraulic directional control valves which are sold by us. The lever is connected to hydraulic valve with a solid steel push-pull wire which needs to be bought separately. The lever controls the hydraulic valve through the steel wire. These control levers can be stacked together to operate several hydraulic directional control valves.

Construction: Valve is made out of die-casted body with metal handle.


Type of accessory: Hand control lever

Type of control: hand control (manual control)

Nominal flow of connected valve: Can be connected to any hydraulic directional control valve from our shop (40L, 50L, 80L,…)

Number of sections: 1

Number of handles: 1

Mounting: 2x diagonal holes

Ambient temperature: -30°C…+80°C

Standard lever ratio: 9:1

Lock in neutral: No

Lock to prevent anti reverse: No

Lubrication: Wurth HHS 2000


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