Hydraulic Control Valve for log splitter (wood splitter)

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Description: This hydraulic valve is mostly used for log splitter devices which cut the log or wood (part of log) into smaller pieces. For this reason this valve is also called log splitter valve. It is directing the fluid from hydraulic pump to hydraulic cylinders and the hydraulic tank. The valve has 3 positions with detent in one position which is released when the pressure reaches certain level. The purpose of this pressure released detent is to automatically kick back the valve into its neutral position when hydraulic cylinder completes the stroke. For this reason this hydraulic valve is also called automatic kick back valve. It is manufactured with adjustable inlet relief valve.

Construction: Valve is made out of a single block (monoblock). Its body is made of cast iron EN-GJL-300. Plunger is made of carbonized steel with hard chrome plating. Lever can be installed looking up or down from the valve main body.


Type of hydraulic valve: Hydraulic Kick Back Valve

Type of control: Hydraulic Hand Valve

Nominal flow: 80 l/min

Number of sections: 1

Number of handles: 1

Safety valve: Included (150 bar factory setting)

Detent release valve pressure adjustment: 70 bar to 140 bar (70 bar factory setting)

Mounting: 3x holes for M8 screw

Ambient temperature: -40 °C…+60 °C

Fluid medium required: Mineral oil based hydraulic oil

Viscosity required:

  • 12…400 mm²/s permissible range
  • 15…75 mm²/s recommended range

Fluid temperature required: -20 °C…+80 °C

Fluid filtration requirement (according ISO 4406):

  • no requirement for particles size 4 µm or more
  • scale 19 for particles size 6 µm or more
  • scale 16 for particles size 14 µm or more

Max operating pressure:

  • P = 250 bar
  • A,B =  300 bar
  • T = 10 bar

Internal leakage (A-T and B-T): 20 cm³/min at 120 bar

Spool stroke: 7.9 mm

Actuating force: > 220 N in spool axis direction

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