Hydraulic gear pump group 30 European flange 50ccm

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Description: Hydraulic pumps produce pressure in hydraulic system, which enables movement of hydraulic actuators (including cylinders). Gear pumps are one type of hydraulic pumps which are made out of 2 gears which generate the hydraulic pressure on output port. Hydraulic gear pumps are usually connected to electric motors with a shaft which turns the gears inside the pump. Each gear pump has a fixed amount of fluid which it can move from input port to output port in one revolution. This quantity of fluid is called displacement of gear pump.

Usage: Hydraulic gear pumps are used in agricultural machinery (like tractors) , industrial machinery, lifting equipment (like forklifts) and other heavy machinery which uses hydraulic systems to move, crush or lift objects.



Displacement of gear pump: 50 cm³/revolution

Designated group: Gear pump group 30

Rated pressure: 200 bar

Maximum pressure: 230 bar

Minimum speed: 700 revolution/min

Maximum speed: 2100 revolution/min

Direction of rotation (by viewing at the front of shaft): Clockwise direction

Taper of driving shaft: 1:8

Location of driving shaft: through the front cover

Required oil viscosity:

  • 6 mm²/s … 200 mm²/s permissible range
  • 20 mm²/s … 60 mm²/s recommended range

Required degree of filtration: 25 µm

Operating temperature of hydraulic oil:

  • -25 °C … 80 °C permissible range
  • 30 °C … 50 °C recommended range

Inlet pressure: 0,8 bar … 2,2 bar

Recommended oil speed at inlet: 0,3 m/s … 1,3 m/s
Recommended oil speed at outlet: 2 m/s … 5,5 m/s

Connection of inlet port: hole diameter 27 mm, 4 fixing holes sizes 10
Connection of outlet port: hole diameter 19 mm, 4 fixing holes sizes M8




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