General sales conditions

Terms of business

General terms of business for online shop ALLFORHYDRAULIC.COM are compiled according to the Slovenian Law on Protection of Consumer (ZVPot UPB1), with recommendations of Chamber of commerce GZS and e-commerce code of conduct.

The  ALLFORHYDRAULIC.COM online store is managed by the company Le-tehnika d.o.o., Kranj. On this page are described the conditions under which customer buys products from Le-tehnika d.o.o. Kranj on the web page  ALLFORHYDRAULIC.COM

Information about the company

Name: Le-tehnika d.o.o. Kranj
Address: Šuceva 27 4000 Kranj, Slovenia, EU
Registration number: 5327423000
VAT ID: SI41065751
IBAN: SI56031381000336831
Phone : +386 4 2020200

Availability of information

The seller is bound to provide to the customer the following information:

  • the identity of the company (name and seat of the company, registration number)
  • contact information that enables customer to communicate quickly and efficiently (e-mail, telephone),
  • essential characteristics of the goods or services (including after-sales services and warranties),
  • the availability of products (each product or service offered, should be made available in a reasonable amount of time)
  • terms of delivery of items (method, place and deadline of delivery),
  • all prices must be clearly and unambiguously defined and marked whether they include taxes and costs of transportation,
  • method of payment and delivery,
  • time validity of the offer,
  • the period within which it is still possible to withdraw from the contract and the conditions for withdrawal; in addition also information about the cost of returning the items to the store.
  • an explanation on the procedure of appeal, including all the information about the contact person or department for contacts with customers.

Privacy Policy is an indivisible part of these General sales conditions.

Offer of products

Products offered through the online store, which are shown on web page are part of the offer of online shop ALLFORHYDRAULIC.COM. Some products are visible on the web pages of the shop but are not available for purchase because the stock has run out or products have been removed from sale temporary or permanently. Web page is not part of the online shop ALLFORHYDRAULIC.COM, but only a presentation brochure for the company, a description of the company and of the products which are produced and sold by the company online and offline. From here a buyer can enter into an online store via the links, which are available on this web page.

Products are offered for sale only to customers ages 16 or more.

Due to the rapid changes in online trade and the nature of changes in the online shop, some typing errors or other errors may occur. To remove those errors as soon as possible, we ask customers to inform us about such errors via email or telephone.

Product prices

All prices on webshop ALLFORHYDRAULIC.COM are presented in currency EUR. The prices of items in the online shop are presented without VAT tax and including VAT tax. Each product has its web page where both prices are shown. The buyer can buy products through online stores only at a price which includes VAT. If you are entitled to purchase the products without VAT or with reduced VAT according to the law, please contact us at the address

The prices of products in the online store do not include shipping costs. The costs of shipping is added when looking at the Cart and Checkout page and may depend on the shipping destination and also on the final weight, final volume and the final number of packages. Seller is offering to send products to destinations which are available on the Checkout page. If sending to your selected location is not possible, a computer program will alert you. For the software to calculate the costs of shipping correctly, it is necessary to correctly enter the delivery place information (the country in the field “Country”, ZIP code into the field “Zip code”, etc.). Despite the extraordinary efforts to provide the most up to date and accurate information, it may happen the published price may be wrong. In this case, or if the price of the item changes during the processing of the contract, the seller will allow the customer to retreat from the sales contract or offer a solution, which will be according to mutual satisfaction. The purchase contract between the seller and the customer is concluded at the moment when the customer confirms the order by pressing the “Place order” button. At that moment all prices and other contract terms have been fixed and are binding for the customer and the seller.

Method of payment

The seller offers the following methods of payment :

  • by bank transfer to the account of the online shop (according to the offer/proforma invoice),
  • payment by debit or credit card (in accordance with the restrictions of the intermediary payment processing company Stripe Payments Europe Limited)

The sales contract (order) is stored in electronic form on the provider’s server.

Ordering process

The process of purchasing the product begins by pressing “Add to Cart” on the selected product. When all desired products are added to the shopping cart, customer should press the button “Shopping Cart” in the upper right-hand corner of the web page or press the button “View Cart”, if it is available on the web page where the customer is located. On the Cart web page, the customer can review the list of selected products, quantities can be corrected and the customer can verify the full amount of the purchase. After pressing on the button “Proceed to Checkout”, Checkout page opens and here the information about the customer is inputted. If the delivery address is different from customer address it is necessary to tick the button “Ship to a different address?” and additional fields are shown where it is necessary to enter the delivery address. Online shop ALLFORHYDRAULIC.COM stores information about the customer and delivery address separately. If only data about the customer address are inputted, the shop’s software will copy the information about the customer’s address to the delivery address. On the Checkout page customer also chooses the method of payment and confirms agreement with the general terms. Customer can also verify the final amount, which contains the final calculation of postage according to the delivery destination. Information about the VAT tax is also presented. Once the customer agrees to the terms and details of the purchase, the customer clicks the “Place order” button. When this button is pressed, the sales contract enters into force. If the customer selected the option of payment by credit or debit card, a Web page opens where payment with a credit card or debit card is carried out. Payment with a credit card or debit card is carried out through payment processing agent Stripe Payments Europe Limited. As soon as the payment via the intermediary payment processor is finished or in the event that the buyer chooses the way of payment “Bank Transfer” a cashier report is displayed where all the sales information is presented. Sales information includes: customer data, delivery place, purchased products, total amount, total VAT, shipping costs and if the chosen mode of payment is payment via the bank also the details of the bank account are displayed. In the event that any information in this report is incorrect, please notify us immediately at On the electronic address, which you entered when entering personal data you will receive a summary of this report for the archive. The report summary is not an invoice. You will receive the invoice by mail or selected delivery method together with the ordered products or separately.


The ordered products will be delivered to the customer’s delivery address according to the selected mode of shipping.

The goods will be shipped out latest within a period of 15 working days from the contract date. If the seller will not be able to meet its obligations, the seller will inform the buyer via the email address or through telephone. 

Right of withdrawal from the purchase, return of goods

The consumer has the right (according to article 43c and 43d of the Slovenian Consumer Protection Act) to cancel the contract without stating a reason in fourteen (14) days by sending email to The deadline starts counting from the date of receipt of the goods. The customer then has 14 days to return the product to the seller’s address. In case the product is not returned in time, unfortunately, the money can not be returned. Customer can return the goods and require the return of the purchase amount only for products, which are in original packaging and undamaged.

If returning the goods to the seller within the deadline for withdrawal it is automatically considered as withdrawal from the contract. Returning products, for which the expiration period has passed is not possible as stated in point 12 of article 43 of the Consumer Protection Act.  

The seller returns the full purchase price (purchase price with delivery costs) as soon as possible, but no later than within thirty days of receiving notification of the consumer’s withdrawal from the purchase.

Products in the online shop are subject to the warranty conditions in accordance with Slovenian legislation.

Quality complaints (exercising rights arising from a material defect)

The customer may exercise their rights arising from the material defect if the customer notifies the seller within a period of two months from the date when the defect is detected. In the notice, the customer must precisely describe the defect and allow the seller to review the defect. In order to expedite the reviewing process it is advisable to send photos of product. The notice about the defect may be communicated to the seller in person in which case the seller will issue a confirmation of the report to the customer.

If the defect is not disputable, the seller must solve the customer’s complaint within eight days. If there is a dispute about the defect, the seller should provide the consumer with a written response within the same period.

The customer, who has properly informed the seller about the defect may request for the defect to be corrected, may request to have returned the paid amount up to the proportion of the value of defect, may ask the seller to exchange part of the product with the defect with another product without defect or may request the seller to return the paid amount.

The customer’s rights expire two years after the day on which he informed the seller of the material defect.

Upon receipt of the returned goods, the seller should return all payments made to the consumer in accordance with the law. The only cost, which is charged to the customer in connection with the cancelling of the contract is the return shipping fee. Shipment payment upon receipt is not accepted. In case the contract was made online and goods were delivered to the delivery destination the seller may take over the shipping costs if other options are not available.

Return of paid amount will be made as soon as is possible, the latest in a period of 14 days from the return of goods. Due to the provision of certainty, accuracy and timeliness of repayments and providing records of payments, the return of payments to the customer is carried out in the same way in which it has been received.

In exceptional cases, when the items are not returned in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act and this agreement, the seller can offer the customer the return of the purchased amount or lower according to the agreed compensation. Agreement to be returned a reduced purchased value can be done via electronic mail. 

The right to a refund of the purchase price in the event of a warranty claim and material defects is regulated in more detail by the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act (consolidated version).  

Liability for improper use

The seller is not responsible for improper or not intended use of the purchased products. The seller is not liable for damage caused to third parties due to the use of the product. The seller is not responsible for transport costs (in accordance with the above-written responsibility), which are not to/from the delivery address of the customer.

Complaints and disputes

Provider respects the existing legislation on consumer protection. Complaints and claims can be sent by e-mail to or by conventional mail to the address:

Le-Tehnika d.o.o., Šuceva Street 27, 4000 Kranj, Slovenia  

The seller must confirm the receipt of a complaint within 5 working days after it has been received and notify the user, how long it will be processing it and must keep the customer informed about the procedure. The seller strives to resolve any disputes to mutual agreement and in accordance with the provisions of the Out-of-Court Settlement of Consumer Disputes Act (Official Gazette of RS, no. 81/15). 

A customer who is also a consumer can file any complaint also via the platform for online settlement of consumer disputes, which is located at the following link  

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