Hydraulic cilinders
Hydraulic Power Unit Medium Size


Hydraulic cylinder red

Hydraulic cylinders

Le-tehnika designs and produces double acting hydraulic cylinders and single acting hydraulic cylinders for pressures up to 250 Bar according customer requirements.

hydraulic power unit system

Hydraulic power units

Le-tehnika offers design and production of hydraulic power units which can be used for any opening or closing of cylinders for driving hydraulic motors with electrical or manual control mostly used for hydraulic presses.

hydraulic cylinder on excavator

Hydraulic cylinders for heavy machinery

We produce hydraulic cylinders which are used in heavy machinery like excavators, loaders, dozers (bulldozer), backhoe loader, cranes, forklifts and others. Our service repair department also repairs cylinders and other components on existing machinery.

Sailing boat hydraulic system for inflatable boat platform

Hydraulics for marine applications

We design and supply hydraulic systems and components for sailboats, yachts and mega yachts which help you control, steer and manage the boat or ship easier. Our hydraulic systems are used for passarella, helipads, davits, cranes, winches, anchors, steering systems and similar.

hydraulic hand valves

Hydraulic hand valves

Hydraulic hand valves enable operator to control hydraulic system and individual components.

hydraulic seals sealings gaskets

Seals for hydraulic cylinders

Most important component of hydraulic cylinders are seals. Depending on usage of hydraulic cylinders these seals need to be regularly exchange to provide optimum efficiency, security and operation.

hydraulic hose

Hydraulic hoses

Regardless of length size and connectors we can supply hydraulic hoses to meet any customer demands.

Turning services

Mechanical production service

Special mechanical and hydraulic products require design and production support. With our engineering team we may be able to solve your problems.

Hydraulic reduction drive

Hydraulic multiplier gearbox

Hydraulic multiplier gearbox is also called hydraulic pump step-up gearbox or speed increaser for hydraulic pump. It is used to increase the number of cycles of hydraulic pump. These are suitable for installation into tractor drive shaft if hydraulic power does not come from hydraulic power unit. it is mostly used for tractor powered log splitters.

Hydraulic cylinder components

Components for hydraulic cylinders

On request we supply to our customers also hydraulic cylinder components like cylinder rear caps, cylinder pistons, rods, rod caps (cylinder heads), custom connections and other parts.

hydraulic motors red

Piston pump for trucks

We can supply different hydraulic pumps for trucks

hydraulic pumps

Hydraulic pumps

We supply all types of hydraulic pumps like gear pumps, piston pumps and vane pumps which are mostly used in construction machinery, agricultural machinery, heavy road vehicles and industry.

Hydraulic valves

Hydraulic valves

There are different types of valves for different applications like safety valves, flow regulation valves (one way, two ways), non-return valve, blocking valve, ball valve for high pressure (two way, three way), protection pipe, braking valve, overflow valve and others.

Hydraulic couplings

Hydraulic couplings

We operate large stock of hydraulic couplings like quick coupling connectors for agricultural and construction machinery, ball valves (two way and three way). Wide portfolio of connectors is available based on flow, and connection size. ​

hydraulic pump and motor connecting components

Connecting components

Connecting components are used between pump and electrical motor mostly mostly on hydraulic systems, power units.

Hydraulic manometers, hydraulic pressure gauge

Pressure gauges or manometers

We supply different kinds of pressure gauges for use in hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Models differentiate based on sizes of scale, precision of scale, connection position (horizontal or vertical), precision class and pressure (0.1 bar to 1000 bar).

hydraulics for agricultural machines

Hydraulics for agricultural machinery

We design and supply components for agricultural machinery for OEM market and aftermarket.

Hydraulic valves

Solenoid valves

Solenoid valves are used to control hydraulic system. There are different valves for different flows (example 50 l/min), for different power (example 12V, 24V, 240V) and for different purpose (example oneway, twoway, hydromotor).

Hydraulic hand pump

Hydraulic hand pumps

High quality hand pumps for different types of hydraulic presses (fruit presses, small hydraulic lift for garages, hydraulic closures...). Hydraulic hand pumps can be used wherever there is no power supply for electric hydraulic systems.

Hydraulics for trucks

Hydraulic steering head

We can exchange old steering head with new ones or install steering head on tractors which do not have hydraulic steering system.

Hydraulics for trucks

Hydraulic motors

We supply hydraulic orbital and gear motors different types and dimensions.

Hydraulic oil filter

Hydraulic oil filters

We offer all finds of oil filters used in hydraulic machinery (suction filter, return filter, inserts) according different dimensions of connections, oil flow, filtering size.

Pneumatic components

Pneumatic components

Pneumatic components: connectors, tubes, hoses, pipes, valves, separators, preparation unit, filters, regulators, pneumatic cylinders all sizes, micro cylinders... We have large stock of renowned brands.

API pneumatic components logo

Agent for API Air Power Control

API is a renowned supplier of pneumatic components for industrial applications. Pneumatic components from API include pneumatic cylinders, pneumatic valves, air pressure gauges and similar components. With help of API, Le-tehnika is able to offer our customers beside hydraulic equipment also pneumatic equipment.

Hydraulic pipe connectors

Hydraulic pipe connectors

We offer connectors for steel pipes and flexible pipes. We offer connectors of metric sizes and imperial sizes. Connectors can be made of steel material, brass material or stainless steel. There are different types of connectors for different purpose.

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